Knightmare is 25 today! For those that do not remember Knightmare was a show produced for ITV way back in the 80s that took a team of 4 children through a computer generated dungeon guided by the awesome Hugo Myatt.

One member of the team was the Dungeoneer with their 3 friends guiding them through the puzzles. Although the dungeoneer appeared in a variety of environments, they never left a blue screen studio.

Check youtube here for a bunch of awesome Videos.

I have fond memories of Knightmare for many reasons. The CGI element fascinated me, I was also into D&D when I was younger and finding something that combined these two elements amazed me. It was the first show to ever combine real life and computer generated environments.

Knightmare also lasted eight years, which is a fantastic achievement. Even more so when you consider that the program itself treated its contestants so harshly. In 8 years, only 8 teams managed to beat the dungeon and not one of those teams was from the first season. Can you imagine a show today that punished and taxed its contestants like this today?

The concept has never been successfully replicated even by the original Creator as an attempted relaunch was aborted in 2005.

For those that do remember Knightmare….Enter Stranger….