Retro Review:Baldur’s Gate

When I first heard of the release of an enhanced edition of Baldur’s gate I couldn’t help myself installing the original. This isn’t going to be a comparison of the original and the enhanced edition but instead a tale of love and hate for the original game.


Firstly there was a small amount of cheating in running baldurs gate. I actually used a mod called Baldurs Gate Tutu BGTutu imports the original Baldurs gate into the Baldurs gate 2 engine, allowing for the usage of the newer game engine as well as the newer races and classes.

The game itself is every bit as harsh as I remember. Although Tutu removes Perma-death from BG, during the early stages I spend alot of time with dead party members. This is a level of challenge your rarely find in today’s games. The game never holds your hand, you want to know where you are going? Look at the map, read the journal, You will find no help here.

But importantly did I enjoy it? Hell yes! For anyone who missed it the first time around this is a good time to try the enhanced edition. BG Tutu is moddable and had some widescreen mods that get round that awful 4:3 screen resolution that we all used to rock. The game is definitely text heavy which is considered a sin by many today but it was nice to go at a pace that I wanted.

Now I normally rock out with spellcasters but BG is very harsh on those. So multiclassing with a fighter/mage it was, I was like Gandalf with less of a penchant for hobbits and much more badass. The Spellcasting system doesn’t hold up great, but this is likely because I have been spoilt by the like of mass effect and dragon age, oddly both are bioware……

Anyway, go try it. Break out that Mousefinger of awesome +1 and show the sword coast who is the greatest Bhallspawn ever!

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