A Princely Outing – Part 1 – Kiss My Assyria

A Princely outing is covering my early adventures playing Civilization 5:Brave new World at Prince difficulty. I underestimated the rage….

I’ve lost many hours to Civ 5, It’s turn based gameplay is perfect for me as I will stop and start during an evening. Stomping the computer can be fun but I felt it’s time I could start on Prince difficulty. Boy, was I wrong…

I opt for Queen Elizabeth guiding the English, got to support the national pride. That and I love the stronger Navy and longbowmen. The longbowmen would prove vital to my later survival. Ol’ Lizzy will once again lead England to victory!

I am dropped, next to a coast with my lonely warrior and settler. This location is perfect for London and I begin my dreams of a glorious English empire. My new neighbour Assyria would test those dreams from day one.   Ashurbanipal with his rather large beard appeared before me promising Co-operation between our two mighty peoples. Maybe he misunderstands the concept but co-operation does not mean that I do as I’m told while he subjugates all the City-states that I am friends with. The battle lines it seems are drawn.

We forward to 800AD, My beardy neighbour Ash decides he wants the City State of Kyzyl as his bitch. Sadly for him Kyzyl is my friend and I will come to her aid! I was wrong, within 10 turns the sheer number of units had overwhelmed Kyzyl and started to make their way down towards London. I had been lulled into a false sense of security by the lower difficulty levels. Ash meant business and his business was my Capital.

Assyria has the advantage with superior numbers and a large amount of Iron. I hovered above diplomacy hoping to secure a peace, however I knew that with such an advantage any deal would not be fair for me. A timely gift from a City State granted me some Archers, and a lightbulb went off. London was a coastal town and I had a small fleet nearby protecting my Cargo Ships. The trade off would be worth it, I pulled the fleet inland and purchased as many archers as possible. Beardy boy may have superior numbers but I will make him pay for every inch!

To my surprise, my gambit paid off. My fleet moved in land and bombarded the swordsmen as they creeped towards the capital, London itself rained hell upon the invaders. While my spearmen were slaughtered by the advancing troops, my archers felled wave after wave of Swordsmen and Siege Towers. This was a costly victory but one that paid off. Ash came to me with a fair offer of peace, his armies depleted , he had nothing to attack me with. I glanced down to refuse, wanting to liberate Kyzyl but I knew I could not press the advantage. A peace was reached but I knew this was only Ash buying time before the next assault…..






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