A Princely Outing – Part 2

We forward to 1400AD. The peace has lasted but at the cost of my Ally Wittenburg who I was helpless to defend. I stood by and watch Ash subjugate my ally quickly and without mercy. I add it to my list of reasons as to why I am going to deal with Assyria. By this point I had met Carthage, Brazil and the Ottomans, All of which were friendly people. I had spent the last couple of 100 years trading their iron so I was never on the back foot with Assyria.

A fragile peace held for the next 100 years as we glowered at each other, each threatening each other and moving troops back and forth to our borders. The day of reckoning was coming and it was going to be messy. My military advisor warned that any war would test our mettle. My earlier complacency warned me not to ignore this, turns out I can be a vicious bastard when I want.

In 1510 Ash attacked my Ally Bratislava, however I had been ready for this. I demanded he stand down but was kindly informed to mind my own business. Sadly this was my business and our continent once again became embroiled in war. I declared war for the little guy and was immediately joined by my other City State allies. My penchant to fight for the underdog seems to cause me a lot of trouble.

Declaring War meant I could get the first attack in, and since I was expecting Assyria to attack Bratislava first I had stationed a large fleet of Ships around their coast. The massacre was fast and brutal, Ship of the line’s bombarded any troop that dared to go near Bratislava all the while a second fleet moved up.

Kyzyl was still under Assyrian control and it was now time to change that. My armies crossed the border and cut off Kyzyl from reinforcements from the east. The city stood alone as a fleet of warships approached….

Lizzie is about to get some revenge…500px-Civilization_5_England_-_Elizabeth_I





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