A Princely Outing – Part 3 – A new challenger appears

A Princely outing is covering my early adventures playing Civilization 5:Brave new World at Prince difficulty. I underestimated the rage….

The moment had come, Kyzyl stood alone against my armies as my warships pounded her walls. In truth the health bar of the city was just going down rapidly, but to me, this was justice for the people of Kyzyl. Liberation for my friends was at hand. The war however was just beginning.

Ash sent his armies forth from the east where his capital lay, we clashed upon the plains outside Ninevah. Our numbers were evenly matched, I however had the advantage in defending my position and superior technology. Kyzyl stood on the brink of being captured as her Assyrian defenders fell.

As the last reinforcement from the east fell as did Kyzyl, I was offered the choice of Annexing the city into my own glorious empire, I however am a benevolent(scheming) leader and liberated Kyzyl from the Yoke of Assyrian oppression. Kyzyl declared war on Ash, the war it seemed would be over soon.

I marched with my newly liberated friends towards Ninvah, the last stop before the Assyrian capital and two stops from liberating my old friend Wittenberg. I had the city surrounded with no resistance and began to pull down her walls with my siege weapons when suddenly two new French towns appeared near my southern border. The French had been the defacto power on the other continent, only being kept in check by the combined alliance of the Ottomans, the Swedish and the Brazillians. America has ironically kept a policy of isolation on its own continent.

My Ally Gustavus of Sweden bought to me intrigue stating that Napoleon had embarked a large army across the sea heading for a sneak attack. At this point Napoleons armies would crush both myself and Assyria without assistance. As luck would have it Ash also noticed the large army heading for our continent, he sued for peace offering Ninvah in the deal. Wittenberg would have to wait it seems as this new threat was too great. My longtime enemy has just become my new found friend.

The French have landed on my borders to the south, seems I am the first target….




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