One More Day – A Minecraft Adventure – Day Two

One more day is a Minecraft diary using ChaosVille. The writer wishes to remain anonymous, in my opinion to HIDE their addiction….Read their diary below as they attempt to survive in Hardcore Mode, with only one shot at life. Death is permanent.

I am trapped! I have hostile creatures at my door right now. I hope they leave, or I will have to comfront them in the morning. I made a grave error and am paying the price. I was too busy in the mine digging into the land, I did not know what time it was, when I looked round the sky was dark, and night had fallen. I dashed back up to the surface but it was too late, two creatues came from the darkness and followed me to my small abode.

I have yet to find anything interesting in the hill I have dug into, I have what looks like copper, but right now I need iron. I at least found coal, which means I write this by torch light tonight.
Last night went slowly, but I made it, I heard footsteps on my roof as I walked around the hut this morning, I knew I had a battle on my hands. As soon as I walked out of the door, I was attacked by an eight legged creature. I swung furiously for my life, only taking a breath when it had rolled over and stopped breathing itself. I had won my first encounter with a beast, I was feeling confident. I picked up the loot it had on its person; two string. This would be handy, I hope to make a fishing rod and fish tomorrow. I am surrounded by water, but no other food source has appeared yet.

I will continue my quest for iron tomorrow, I need armour and better weapons if I am going to survive this hell. I will look at making some sheers too, the sheep around here are looking ruffled and I could use the wool for a bed.

Oh I also found another book on the floor, it’s called a “Chocopedia”, describing a creature and how to look after it, it’s interesting, but I have not come across the creature which is decribes. At least when I do I will be an expert on how to look after one.
The sun is rising now and all has gone quiet outside. I will assess the situation later on in the morning.
Now I have light in here I feel a little bit safer, but I am not out of the woods yet…so to speak.

day 2

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