One More Day – A Minecraft Adventure – Day Three

One more day is a Minecraft diary using ChaosVille. The writer wishes to remain anonymous, in my opinion to HIDE their addiction….Read their diary below as they attempt to survive in Hardcore Mode, with only one shot at life. Death is permanent.

I waited for the coast to be clear before I ventured out of my hut today. It was safe. I’m still alive. I have no idea where the zombie-like creatures are hiding now, but night has once again fallen. With the night comes the rain it seems, it is hammering down on my roof, the winds are howling, I am hoping against hope my hut holds and keeps me safe. I am surrounded by hills so I think it will hold, a small mercy in a cruel world.

I feel lucky today, that is all, not skilled, lucky. I dug further into my make shift mine, in the hopes I will stumble on a cave with some iron in. I was wrong. What I found was much, much more. After a small altercation with some lava – my quick thinking saving my life – I began hearing strange noises. As I turned left into the mine and dug some more I came across some iron, just enough to make some sheers – tonight I am sat comfortably on a bed made from the wool sheered from local sheep, and the wood left over from making the door. My home is beginning to feel more like home.

I eventually found the source of the noise – it is the biggest chasm I have ever seen. I came out on the edge, I was terrified and froze on the spot, quick thinking to knock a creature off the edge saved my life once again. This place is not safe yet, and I am not ready to tackle what lies at its depths. I need more resources, and that means taking some real dangerous steps to get across to the other side where I could see what I needed. I will tackle that tomorrow, maybe, I could do with a stress free day.
I had chance to pick up some wheat seeds while on my way back in the rain. I’m beginning to get hungry and I fear I won’t last much longer, those sheep are looking tastier each trip outdoors. I am holding off for now – priority 1 tomorrow is to plant the seeds and make a small farm.

The rain has stopped for now, I could use some sleep in my new bed, tomorrow will be a long day, but at least I am still alive.

day 3

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