A Princely Outing – Oops

Hello, my name is Jon and I am an idiot.


Unfortunately I appear to have lost the save game that was a Princely outing. This was my own fault as I overwrote it on the steam cloud.I like to switch between my laptop and my PC and this has proven to be a mistake. I was positive I had a local copy but it would appear as above that I am an idiot 🙂

This is a shame as the fight with France would have been an entertaining David and Goliath story. I will have one more look just in case, we may even get to do some Doctor who timey wimey stuff using an old save and go back a few hundred years before the French invasion….This feels a bit like cheating to me but I actually enjoy the thought of waiting for the French to come and attempt to hand me my own ass.

/Save Game hunt on!

Yeah, you shorty!
Yeah, you shorty!

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