One More Day – A Minecraft Adventure – Day Four

One more day is a Minecraft diary using ChaosVille. The writer wishes to remain anonymous, in my opinion to HIDE their addiction….Read their diary below as they attempt to survive in Hardcore Mode, with only one shot at life. Death is permanent.

I am barely alive right now. I am hungry and wounded. I find myself getting careless and risking too much. I was feeling confident after surviving so long in the chasm, building my way across the great heights. I went back in against my better judgement and very nearly paid the price. This world is cruel and unforgiving. As I emerged from my mine I saw a baby creature and an eight legged creature I came across a couple of days ago – I have named them “spiders”. I had no choice but to go into battle. My sword is beginning to break, but I desperately swung for my life. I once again was victorious, another grave error that was nearly the end of me. I was grateful that the baby creature did not stir as I fought bravely against the spider, although he did begin to get angry when I looked at him, I quickly ran into my house – fearing for my life once more.

I have decided to try and create a more positive feeling at my hut and have put more furniture in. With the iron I had left over I made a tool rack for my farming tools and a couple of book cases for books that I keep finding. I find great comfort in the small things it seems. Even though there are noises of creatures outside I feel safe, but I know I will have to face them in the morning. For now I will look around my hut and smile at how homely I have made it in such a short space of time.
I did collect ores from the mine, but not enough, I will have to return tomorrow, I was attacked down there, I ran before I fell to my death. Whatever is down there will still be there tomorrow, but I will be prepared, even if I don’t have armour, I will have a better weapon.
My bookcase and tool rack look awesome. Good night. Wish me luck for tomorrow.

day 4

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