The Gamer Diet

They say that you put on weight while content, I would reply that this is partially true.

A few years ago, I lost most of my chunk and was just above my “expected” weight (don’t get me started on that). The catalyst for this thou was that I was very unhappy. My life with the exception of my good friends had taken a sharp downward turn and such I became addicted to the gym. Talking with others, this is more common than you think.

Fast forward a few years and I am a happily married man, to a woman who accepts who I am, even the gaming šŸ˜‰

However, this does have a rather nasty side effect. Contentment. The gym stopped happening which in itself isn’t a problem but then the free time gets taken up with my hobby of gaming.

Gaming is generally sedentary but I have been aware of a sneaky and seemingly innocuous habit. I now think of it as the Gamer diet, which is truth is an oxymoron.

You see, the Gamer diet is all about distraction and grazing. Let’s take that bag of sweets you bought for that occasional sweet tooth and leave it next to the PC…oh dear…You appear to have munched your way through them without actually noticing….

The problem here is similar to the cinema/popcorn phenomenon, in truth Popcorn tastes like absolute shite and I won’t tend to eat it anywhere else bar the cinema itself. The association and the fact that I’m probably not even paying attention to what I’m eating means you can happily munch idly through that popcorn. You can become involved in what you are doing in a game and not even realise you are munching through.

So new challenge, no food stuffs near the PC. I have an active gym membership but going everyday like I used to will likely finish me off.

It took a while to put my chunk back on, but the process is slow and steady. One day you wake up and are disgusted by the moobs staring back at you!

If only I could game-ify (that a word?) fitness…..

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