Violence in Video Games Vs Parenting

UPDATE: Seems it’s a parody account but sadly alot of the reactions are real..

I don’t know what I am doing going near such a damned toxic subject but here goes…

I recently came across the twitter account ” for Moms Against Gaming” and I was actually shocked at the content. Not just from the account itself but from some of my fellow gamers.

My own humble opinion (and it is just that!) is that the Moms are slightly heavy handed in their BAN THIS FILTH approach. We will get to why in a moment. However some of the threats from “Gamers” are absolutely shocking.

Yes I am aware that some of these “threats” will be nothing more than knee jerk shock tactics but you actually play to the stereotype that you are being accused of. At worst, you are generally deranged and although I doubt that the video games in your life are the cause, I do believe your access to such material probably isn’t helping.

Back to the Mom’s, banning the “filth” will just make it more desirable to the Young un’s. Many years ago I worked in a shop that Sells Games and a lovely lady bought a copy of GTAIII to the counter. Clearly this was for the 10/11 year old right next to her. Being the responsible one, I asked the lady if she knew the nature of the item she was purchasing.

At this point the Child interrupted and “advised” his own mother that it was just a racing game. Uh-Oh, clearly not. After giving the mother the FULL information, the purchase unsurprisingly did not go through. The looks that child gave me will haunt me until my dying day….

My Point is LEARN. Learn what your child’s hobby entails, there are rating systems and certificates for a reason. It is the same as movies so it’s not like you have to try too hard….You likely even have a knowledgeable gaming friend…

Moderate your own child’s interactions, you wouldn’t allow them to go to the cinema for an 18 movie, so don’t let them play an 18 Rated game.

I’m done *Takes Cover*

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