Game-ification and fitness.

Today’s entry is brought to you by the Brutal Honesty of a four Year old.

“You are funny but you do need more exercise”

I’m not even sure this is exactly what was meant but the thought is the same. It’s time to get rid of that weight I’ve put on due to contentment!

I have done it before and lost alot of weight, however I had more free time and less responsibility. This creates for me a problem as I am fiercely protective of my free time and I’m being honest when I say Exercise is never near the top of my things to do with my own free time. I need a motivator…

Gameification appears to be a buzzword that has been thrown about recently and could be just what I am looking for. For this I’m going to be using “HabitRPG”, both the website and Android APP. Check it out at

I’ll be setting up my list daily tasks and exercise goals on it and then trading that XP and Gold for rewards, such as a film of my choice, Cake, Alcohol etc. I’m even going to add shaving on there 🙂

I’ll post my profile shortly so feel free to add me and give me some goddamn motivation 🙂 After a week or so, we will see if gamification of my fitness has got me off my backside…

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