Game-ification Fail

I’ll be honest and say it’s a good news/Bad News Post.

The bad news, I can’t get along with Habit RPG, having to log items as I do them is irritating. This is nothing on Habit RPG but more on my mind set and tiny attention span 🙂

The good news I don’t need it. I’ve been able to find my own motivation from those harsh words of my 4 year old nephew. Regular readers may remember my post on miscarriages a few months back and this also helps. A healthier lifestyle is always beneficial and I’m doing this now with my Significant other. We may do separate classes but the push is always there. Somehow my nephew also remembers his comments and stopped me having a small cake last week! Damned child is too clever for his own good.

So, combining gaming with fitness is fail for me. Does it work for you?

Final thing, Quake live is coming to steam….I think its time for an open invitational game. Details will be posted to the blog once finalised! PREPARE TO FIGHT……old tin ribs, I’m going to kick your ass.

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