“Welt has died of Starvation”

“Welt has died of starvation”

A pang of guilt hits me along with the realisation that this was not only my fault, but this was only the start of my villagers misery.

I’d looked too far ahead, my lofty ambition of a sprawling village was now the cause of my wards dying from starvation. I ordered houses to be built for all my minions, families were encouraged to have little ones, schools were built to educate them. This my friends was to be a utopia.

Sadly, people have to eat in a Utopia and I had badly misjudged the food stores and the rate at which my randy villagers could produce my future workers! It was cold after all and there probably wasn’t much entertainment.

Another 2 drop dead from starvation while the last of my corn harvest left my storage barns. Some houses had food stored but more and more homes were now without food. Winter was going to be long and I could do nothing but watch most of my village starve. I hover over the ESC Key feeling resigned and learning from my first foray into Banished not to overstretch. I had failed them and couldn’t watch them drop off one by one.

I watch as my woodcutter continues to work, despite his hunger and I add a dash of shame to my guilt. I know he’s programmed to continue working until we die,(Note:IRL as well?) but if he can carry on knowing it’s probably going to end badly then I’ll stick with this until my village crumbles!

A flash of inspiration hits me, gatherers, hunters and fishermen work all year round unlike my farmers. I build additional gathers huts and plow every villager I have into those food production buildings. It’s not going to save everyone, but it will probably keep them going. All I can do now is wait.

More villagers died of starvation, houses were standing empty, and the blacksmith was pressed into service as a gatherer. I had a sufficient stash of tools and clothing and with people dying, the blacksmiths contribution of tools would be useless if there is no one left to work.

Spring came, and I set the villagers to the additional crop fields I had built in Autumn too late last year. There had been 16 deaths, a quarter of my village, not a family untouched by the famine that I had wrought.

Many years later, food is plentiful as it’s not a mistake I’m planning on making again. The village has grown and is once again full of life and people. Those that survived the great famine begin to pass away from old age and I can’t help but visit the cemetery when I see that the woodcutter has passed away. That woodcutters determination to continue on probably saved this village from abandonment.

You’ll have to excuse me, Nomads have asked to join my village, no rest for the wicked.


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