Expectations and limitations

Whenever my nephew comes to visit, we normally sit down together and play some Minecraft. Personally I’m not ashamed to admit that this game is hours of fun but it does have one requirement.


I would like to think that I still have a fairly decent imagination but I was shown that actually all that has happened is that I’ve learned to conform. My average builds within Minecraft are functional. I have a nice farm area, there is normally a machine area, the house looks like….a house. Each new world, I follow this routine of conformity.

My nephew however,isn’t old enough to have conformed to an idea. He didn’t need a house, he dug a hole in the side of a mountain. He wasn’t interested in a working area, he set to work on a rollercoaster for the cows!?! This is where it gets a little dark, especially since he is 5, the rollercoaster ends in a leap…..straight into a Pool of Lava. Is this a psychopath in the making? Nope, just a five year old boy doing what he currently thinks is funny. This is the same boy who likes Poo jokes, IE every 5 year old boy.

I rolled my mind back and suddenly realised that I don’t actually stray from the path very often. Open world game? I’ll just follow the main story line, done that? Oh well maybe I should have a wander around….nope?!?

I’ll admit that I struggled with Divinity:original Sin. It required me to think when I was so used to being lead. My nephew summed this up for me beautifully. Rather than expecting boundaries his general response to not being able to do something in game is “Why not?”.

So from now on, in games and Real life

“Can I do this? and if not, why not?”

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