EM-Con 2015

I’m going to be honest and say that I approached this years Em-Con with a large amount of trepidation. Last year we were one of the lucky ones, Early bird tickets, and fairly comfortable Q&A seats. There were however many people who were left with quite frankly an awful experience. To say I wasn’t entirely sold on attending this year’s event was an understatement however Mrs Geeklish insisted that we go.

2014 was the first year for Em-Con, So we were willing to give it another chance. Thankfully this faith wasn’t misplaced.

Let’s be honest and those who attended last year will confirm that the queuing to get in was “horrific” let alone the fact that doors opened over an hour late, and others didn’t even get in.

This year it seems that the Arena staff took over crowd control and their experience showed. Doors opened on time, Queues were well controlled and the “Entertainment” provided by Em-con in the form of various Cosplays and appearances had the crowd in great spirits.
freddy grab
This guy grabbed our poor friend from behind and scared her to death

The Experience
Last year’s event was held at the Albert Conference centre, with the guests crammed into a tiny room. To say everything was crushed is an understatement. Police appeared at the event concerned with the risk to public safety and the event had a rather horrible air to it all.

You wouldn’t recognize this as the same event. The floor in the arena was well planned, guests and dealers were well organised and the atmosphere was a hell of a lot friendlier.

The Q&A sessions were held in a lot smaller rooms this year but this was just a quirk of the venue. For myself, the overall the experience was a 100 times better than last year. I preferred the setup where the Q&A’s were smaller but the overall experience was a lot better.I understand that some people had issues with the photoshoots but since I never booked one I can’t comment. However Feel free to send me a message or hit up the comments and I’ll happy share your insights.

Mrs Geeklish’s favourite moments? Her continued stalking of Chris Barrie (I’m a dead man) and getting photobombed by Peter Davison whilst having a picture with Sylvester Mccoy.
Overall – Looks like I’m going back next year!

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