Mrs G’s Em-Con….

So, apparently, my name is now Mrs G.

Following on from Jon’s Em-Con review, I thought I would offer my thoughts. I should start by saying that it took ALOT of convincing to get him to even go. He doesn’t forgive easily, so he was still scared by last years experience.

To say that last year was not good is an understatement to be quite honest. The list of problems are endless, I won’t bore you with them as you can see it all online if you really wanted to, though I will say, even though we were one of the lucky ones, we still had a terrible experience.

So why did I so desperately want to go this year? Quite simply, Chris Barrie. I am in love with the man. (No, I’m not joking!)

Also, I felt that they deserved another chance. I also thought that with it being at the Arena, there would be much less problems when it came to space, queuing, and general organisation. Do you know what? I was absolutely right (as usual!)

Yes, the queues could have been marked clearer, yes, the Q&A rooms could have been bigger, and there could have been more food/drink stalls. But they are such minor things in the grand scheme of it all. Let’s move on to the positives:

When we first arrived, there was a fair amount of people already there, even though we arrived super early. The entertainment was already in full force, with lots of Stormtroopers, Daleks, TV cars, and really friendly cosplayers to keep us amused (unless you are my friend who got jumped by Freddy Kruger!). We were let into the venue right on time, and were able to stroll straight up to the guests we wanted autos from. We were even able to spend time chatting to some of them which was awesome. The only downside was my friend couldn’t complete her Red Dwarf collection, as one of them didn’t show, but that’s nothing to do with the organisers.

The stalls were also amazing, causing us to spend far too much money!! A special mention should go to Lee Sullivan, who was more than happy to spend a good 20 minutes chatting to us, before we even bought any of his frankly amazing artwork (we did of course buy something!)

We only attended 2 Q&A panels, the rooms were a lot smaller than last year, but that didn’t take anything away from them. I understand some issues were raised were that there was only 1 microphone, and the ‘stars’ weren’t on a raised panel, meaning short-arses like myself couldn’t really see them, but it’s not the end of the world, I still massively enjoyed the panels.

Overall, the day was fantastic. I mean, where else can you get photo bombed by Doctor 5, buy a cuddly Grumpy Cat, and go weak over Chris Barrie??

Even grumpy pants Mr Geeklish had to admit he enjoyed himself, and can’t wait for next year.

So, in the words of Kryten.. Smug mode enabled.

Additional. If I do go next year, I will manage to actually speak to Chris Barrie, without giggling.

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