Tips on living with your Gamer.

So Mrs.G has been bitten by the writing bug and wanted to share the following wisdom, didn’t want her own user thou….

I often get asked how I cope with living with someone who plays games as much as my husband does, and to be honest, I never quite know how to respond, as the truthful answer is that I ‘just deal with it’.

I should start by explaining that I am not a gamer. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the odd game of Zombie killing on Left 4 Dead, but in no way am I a gamer. If anything, I am the kind of gamer that my husband hates. I lack the attention span to actually commit to anything long term, and I have no patience with story based games. I like to just get in, do the job and get out again in less than an hour 🙂

Having said that, I can spend hours playing GTA, go figure…

Anyway, my husband has tried many, many times to get me more into his hobby, with little success. So our evenings often consist of us living separate lives, me watching rubbish TV, with him tapping away beside me on his PC. You may wonder how this works.

Well let me give you some tips I have learned along the way:

Accept that 1 more game NEVER means 1 more game
It just doesn’t, so don’t get yourself wound up about it, when 3 hours later, he’s still going.

If what he is doing bothers you, then say so
Don’t sit there festering in your own rage while he taps and TeamSpeak’s away – it wont end well, trust me.

Show a bit of interest
Not going to lie on this one, there has been many times where he has said ‘just look at this babe’ and I have paused the TV, gave him a look that can turn milk sour, and reluctantly looked at his screen with zero interest. In hindsight, it is probably best to show a bit of interest and everyone is happier all round. Try some games with him, you might like it.

Understand the differences between you and ‘them’
I have learned that gamers and non-gamers have very different ways of doing things. I always thought that to socialise with friends, I actually need to be in the same room – with gamers, this is not the case at all. They do most of their socialising online, and it took me a while to realise this is in no way weird, it’s just different.

Don’t take things personally
This is a biggie. Every time my husband is invited to a LAN party, I am not. I won’t lie; this has been the cause of a few issues with me getting very upset to be excluded, and him not understanding why I am so upset. I didn’t see why us ‘WAGS’ should be left out. After thinking about it, I do see why. It’s a hobby, not a conspiracy, and they share that hobby with him. Not me.
The other thing not to take to heart is the snappiness. When your gamer has spent ages on a mission, or a battle and the internet crashes, they are going to get a bit ratty. Imagine if the internet crashed when you were trying to get hold of some limited edition handbag, and then when it came back it had sold out? Total Nightmare.

Reap the benefits
Gamers have the best concentration I know, and are also amazing problem solvers. Also, gamers know what to do with their hands. Enough said.
So, do you know what? Love your gamer, understand your gamer, and life will be frankly awesome.


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