A Princely outing – BAAAAAABYLON!

Previous Princely outing posts covered my early adventures playing on Prince difficulty. Thankfully I’ve got a bit better since then and rather than being ground into tiny pieces by mid-game I occasionally win….Occasionally

You join our tale in the year 1886AD,for the past 100 years, Catholic Spain has pushed her technological advantage over her smaller neighbors nearly wiping the Inca from history. Isabella constantly mocks me, knowing that our mighty Babylon will stay out of a fight that isn’t ours. We played peacekeeper once before nearly a 1000 years ago and still we feel the burden of that decision.

We had thought to keep the vicious Montezuma of the Aztecs contained on the western side of Pangaea with mutual Defensive Pacts. If he attacked one of us, the others would defend them. The plan was that he would never be foolish enough to attack with threat of uniting everyone against him. Sadly we underestimated just how mad he was.

That war was bloody and brutal decimating the western half of Pangaea, by the end of it, Carthage and Venice had lost cities to Montezuma but with Siam, we had taken 1 of the Aztec’s Largest cities breaking his production. We decided that intervening in the conflicts of the others was costly and withdraw from such politics. The Aztec city of Texcoco that we had taken was left as a Puppet state to rule itself, it would act as a demilitarized zone that neither the Siamese or Aztec’s would be able to cross without my permission. A permission they would not be given. War was bad for business.

With the adopted stance of isolation, Babylon has prospered. Leaders in literacy, science and production. The evil of the world however waited. Spain was succeeding in eastern Pangaea where Montezuma had failed. Although her technological progress was not as great as our own her sheer size and willingness to take what she wanted made Spain a force to be reckoned with.

This warmongering was her undoing. Askai of Songhai for reasons unknown interceded on behalf of the Inca and demanded Spain make peace with the Inca. Spain’s refusal was the catalyst for the start of universal war. Askai sought audience with us and declared that Isabella is a menace to this world that must be dealt with. Although I sympathized with their plight, Babylon must keep her pledge of isolation and not interfere.

Carthage, Venice, Siam and the Inca all joined Songhai in her condemnation of Isabella. Montezuma was conspicuously absent from this alliance, at the time however I assumed the previous war has quelled his thirst for a fight. Mighty Spain stood alone against the combined armies of Songhai and her allies. The allies were slightly larger yet Spain had the geographical and organisational advantage. We stood and watched as the world descended.

With the focus on Spain, and Siam having an depleted army, Montezuma must have seen his chance. He announced to the world his friendship with Isabella and declared War on Siam. The demilitarized zone I had created was circumvented as Montezuma had been expanding further west in the years since the war. His bombers ignored my airspace and passed onto Siam’s lightly defended cities, the devastation inflicted in that opening bombing run had bought many cities to their knees.

Isolation had failed, by not acting against those who would bring us to our knees we have allowed them to grow unchecked. The combined might of Montezuma and Isabella would eventually crush my smaller neighbours, leaving me with enemies on both borders. Siam arrives at my door requesting we join the fight. The time had come to stand.
You have declared war.


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