Writing Prompt – You have been given the option to reroll your timeline, at the expense of discarding your current one

“Will I remember any of this life?” The demon ,Xarek ,sat opposite me grinned. He looked remarkably human apart from when he smiled, his teeth ending in points. “Sort of, you won’t remember any specifics. Have you ever heard people mention déjà vu? Those people have reset their lives at some point and it’s likely they will repeat some things” I exhaled slowly, I’d experienced déjà vu , even this conversation seemed vaguely familiar.

Xarek’s damn smile grew wider. “Yes, you’ve accepted my offer before”

I swallowed hard, How many times have I actually done this? Do I keep making the same mistakes? What the hell does this smiling fool gain?

He leant back in his chair, barely containing his amusement.

“Go on, I know what you are going to ask anyway”

“What do you gain from this?”

Xarek stopped and stared straight through me. All of a sudden he laughed and banged his hand on the table.

“You know, that’s the first time you’ve asked what I gain from this little transaction in all the times I’ve reset you. Here it is mortal, Eternity is frightfully boring, not much tends to surprise us anymore. There is no challenge in doing things ourselves as the mere thought is enough to action it. You mortals however, are an unknown quantity. Sure, each person that gets reset will generally hit some of the same snags, but each time the outcome can change. Each time you fly or your fail and it fascinates us.

We…to use your words…gamble upon the outcome. We have no need of money so we keep score. ”

“You keep score?”

“You wouldn’t understand the scoring system, it’s far too complex for your mortal mind. You my boy are one of my favourites, each time you straddle that line between failure and success. Each time you get a little bit closer, a little bit further. The bets I take on you are scoring me some great points”

I wasn’t sure where my life had gone wrong. Everything had just slowly slipped away from me and it dawned on me. Xarek was playing with my life and messing it up each time I got a little bit further.

“How can I trust you? How do I know you are not the one messing up my life each time?”

The demon actually looked annoyed. “Contrary to your literature, we are not the vicious hellspawn we are made out to be. What you consider to be demons and angels are the same thing, they look just like me. They are just not as honest about their motives. Look, remember the scoring system? It’s looked after so it’s fair. I couldn’t interfere if I wanted to. I can tell you this since you won’t actually remember but so far you’ve got a little further each time, who knows maybe you won’t need my help next time.”

I looked around and remembered what I had already lost, the déjà vu confirmed I’d been here before. Xarek’s grin faded and he gave me a nod.

“Will I remember any of this life?”

The demon sat opposite me grinned.

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