“Type Amen” Bullshit on Facebook

Firstly, fair warning that the below post may be slightly ranty(is that even a word?) and will definitely include content that will upset.

Still here? I was perusing Facebook the other day and I occasionally get those ridiculous “Like for a prayer or say Amen” kind of posts.I don’t follow them but they occasionally appear if someone comments on then.

So what was this week’s sad story? A picture of a dead human foetus in a bloody human hand. Let the complete and utter horrific nature of such a post sink in for the moment.

I won’t be sharing the picture.
The floodgates on my own experiences reopened and I was assaulted with memories I’d rather not have to deal with while casually perusing facebook. Even without my own experiences, who in their right mind would consider posting a picture like that as normal? Let alone using it in a narcissistic attempt to collect “likes and comments” for a page.

After the initial shock and various expletives, I set to reporting the picture in the vain hope that someone else might not have to view it.Facebook kindly suggested that I ask said Page to remove the picture, no facebook, how about you remove the damned picture. I’ve not heard anything about it but couldn’t find the picture again so I’m assuming it got removed. Let’s be clear in saying that I didn’t dare look too hard for the picture.

My issue has multiple fronts.
– Who in the hell considers posting a picture like that as acceptable? Regardless of my experience it’s still a shitty thing to do
-“Like for Prayer” or “Say Amen” posts. For clarity reasons, let’s state that I’d consider myself an agnostic so I don’t subscribe to any particular religious doctrine.
I’m fairly certain that your religion doesn’t require you to post pictures of a dead foetus to try and get people to prove their love for their god. Don’t use your religion for shitty ends or for narcissistic attempts to gain attention.
-Facebook allowing it to go on for so long. Looking at the comments, it’s safe to say I wasn’t the only person upset by the image.

I’m aware that you can’t stop people putting these kind of things up but maybe if I can just make 1 person think before doing it then I’ll be happy.

Rant Over

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