Star Trek TNG S08E20 – That episode where everyone ignores the murder of all life on Indri 8.

Thanks to Netflix ,putting all of Star Trek up, I’ve picked up re-watching The Next Generation where I last stopped at the end of Season 5. In season 6 Episode 20 , “The Chase” revolves around the crew trying to solve a puzzle hidden in the DNA in numerous species across the galaxy. So far, so Star Trek. The amusing part is what this smiling bastard did…

Captain Nu’Daq, the Klingon captain also hunting the DNA believing the puzzle to be a plan for a powerful weapon happily admits to destroying all life on the Indri 8 in front of Captain Jean Luc Picard, who you would expect to be a little pissed off that this guy murdered an entire planet just so someone else couldn’t find any further DNA samples.

Do you know what our intrepid captain Picard said next?”We’re all missing some of the fragments……unless we combine the ones we have we will never learn the secret of the program” Excuse me? The grinning Klingon just admitted to multiple mass genocide and you’re concerned about the program? I know he’s a Klingon but, ya know, C’mon!!Amusingly this is the last you hear of it as well.

Season 6, in my opinion was last “good” season and overall it’s not a bad episode. IMDB gives the episode an 8/10 and I’m happy to say the episode has a fascinating premise but this issue just sticks in my mind and actually causes me to chuckle, destroying any serious message it was trying to convey.

/geek out over.


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