Musing: Your Teammates might not be idiots after all….

We’ve all been there, you’re playing a multiplayer game and one of your team mates does something inexplicably stupid. During a game of CounterStrike:GO,which I realise isn’t the friendliest multiplayer game by a AWP long shot, I ended up butting heads with my Russian teammate who assumed I was some kind of idiot as I managed to team kill him with 1 bullet to the head. At first glance this makes me look like an incompetent fool as generally shooting your own teammates is a stupid idea but there was reasoning behind how it happened. It made me realise that actually, my teammates might not be idiots after all.

So how did I end up one shotting my teammates face off? CS:GO is a game of 5 vs 5 where death is permanent per round, so being the awesome team that we were, we rounded a corner as a group trying to cover as many approaches as possible. Needless to say we stumbled upon members of the opposing team. I take my aim at the opponent looking directly at me ,but thankfully missing his shots and pull the trigger….just as my teammates head suddenly pulls into the way…..SPLOOSH….my team mates corpse flops to the ground and my ears are assaulted by a steam of Russian mixed with English.

Understandably my now corpse like friend is a little pissed off that I’ve supposedly messed up and killed him, in short he thinks I’m the idiot. Irritated by the fact he’s shouting down the microphone at me while he’s the pillock who walking in front of me, I can’t resist but to tell him to shut up and next time don’t bloody walk in front of someone in the middle of a fight. This doesn’t go down well but after about a minute, the guy calms down and tells me he was avoiding another enemy around the corner which I hadn’t seen. So, I assumed the guy was an idiot because I didn’t know about the additional enemy he was fighting while he assumed I was an idiot as he was too busy with his own fight to pay attention to mine.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Well, interestingly this has real life application as well. Never assume that a decision made by someone else was because they were being stupid, they may have had information that you didn’t, they may have been unaware of something that you were. Hindsight is a wonderful thing so be excellent to each other

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