Stellaris: Hahn-Mur Foundation Report Year 2419

Stellaris is a 4x Grand Strategy game where you control your own empire, all the way from the type of species, through to their ethics and policies. The year is 2419 and the Pacifist Hahn-Mur Monarchy find their rather comfortable galaxy about to be come very noisy.

Greetings your Highness. I’ve prepared this report for you to bring you up to speed on the latest galactic situation. As you are aware your Highness the Hahn-Mur people have lived in peace and prosperity under the line of High King Garma I for just over two centuries, our peace-keeping force has been a deterrent to any would be aggressor and we have found like-minded friends in the Uri Council, United Kallagian Confederation and the Democratic Havarigga Party. The Stellar league that we have formed has kept even the most Xenophobic Species in line and protected those species who have come to join us on the galactic stage.

Sadly your highness not everyone has shared our view. In the corner of the galaxy sat the Tezekians, what we would refer to as a fallen empire, they have been on the galactic stage longer than we know but view the younger races such as ourselves with disdain and contempt. When we first encountered them in 2232 although not hostile they wished to be left alone and the space around them to remain Un-colonised. We and the other younger species saw fit to respect this elder species and granted them their wish, for 150 years they have sat quietly in the corner of the galaxy.

It seems a shift had occurred in the Tezekian Empire in late 2410 your highness as by 2411 we received a galaxy wide communique to either accept “Thralldom” or be crushed from existence, the sleeping giant in the corner was sleeping no more. The Tezekian fleet first entered the space of the United Kallagian Confederation, a massive fleet consisting of 145k ships, the combined fleet of the Stellar League was around 138k and the two fleets stared at each other across from the Dellatra System. During this initial clash many lives were lost but the battle was inconclusive, the Tezekians Retreated back to their own space and our fleet wasn’t strong enough to take the fight to them.

Unfortunately this was just the start of our troubles your Highness, in 2413 our instruments detected a massive galaxy wide power surge. At the time we were unaware what this meant, only the dark foreboding that it meant additional problems. Shortly after the surge a strange portal appeared in the Jared System within Centralised Cygan Space. The Cygan people although not allies are considered cordial towards the Hahn-Mur, their own federation although smaller has similar goals of peace. From this portal came massive fleets of what can only be described as “energy ships” who began to purge the life from Cygan planets, the true horror of this act however only recently came to light as these creatures that call themselves “The Unbidden” actually devour the lifeforce of any living creature on the planet.

By 2414, The eastern quadrant of the Cygan empire was being devoured, with the Tezekians hiding behind their borders likely in response to the unbidden’s arrival, the decision was made to move our main fleet to help bolster the Cygan empire. Our old rival the Otaga Kingdom made overtures to ending our own rivalry and sent their fleet to assist in the battle as well.
Our interference was not taken lightly by the Unbidden, more fleets appeared from the portal and this time headed west towards the Havariggan’s in an attempt to stop the Stellar League’s interference.For the next 3 years there are numerous skirmishes with the unbidden but our first Major victory came in 2417. The battle of Tirramore saw the Hahn-Mur fleet isolated against a larger unbidden fleet, the fleet was freshly re-fitted because The Unbidden’s technology relies heavily on the usage of shields so we had retrofitted our fleet with Kinetic weaponry that ignores the majority of their shielding. This has allowed us to destroy any Unbidden fleet of a similar size to our own with minimal losses. The new kinetic fleet destroyed 3 50k Unbidden fleets while losing 20k ships.

It seems that during the battle of Tirramore the Tezekian Reclaimers saw their opportunity while the Hahn-Mur fleet was engaged to push through again into Kallagian Territory. This time they came with a larger fleet against a damaged and fragmented Stellar league.

Your Highness, it is now 2419. The Tezekian’s have taken the Dellatra system and we cannot hold them there, while the unbidden continue to send fleets through the portal, with the help of the other empires we have managed to push them back and hold them into the Jared system where the portal resides. The Unbidden protect the portal with numerous fleets and any attack on it would be almost suicidal. Your people have basked in your lines glory and protection for centuries and we turn to you again your Highness to lead us in this dark time.

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