CS:GO – When the fun stops

This post is a little bit of a confession. Dear world I’ve been a bit of a naughty boy, I’ve struck back in anger and although I enjoyed it at the time I thoroughly deserve my incoming ban.

For those that don’t know counterstrike:Global offensive (henceforth CS:GO) is a multiplayer First person shooter. One of the modes is a competitive 5 vs 5 best of 30 rounds. The point here is that it’s a time investment, you get punished with cool downs if you leave a game early before it’s finished. You have to commit for up to 90 minutes. As you can imagine it can get quite intense and emotions do tend to ride a little high.

So what did I do? Basically I retaliated against a moronic teammate who decided to teamkill me….twice. I waited until the perfect moment to return the favour and teabag his corpse, I know, extremely mature . I should have just reported it and bit my tongue. However my sense of fair play got a little too uppity and since I couldn’t kick this Menance since he had queued with 2 of this friends I lost my temper and took matters into my own hands.

Why did I do it? I know better and have avoided morons before. My thought train was thusly, I was top of team and providing a good team game. This dick was bottom of the board, which doesn’t bother me as we all have bad days, but decided to knife me because I was stood where he wanted to stand. So a poorly contributing team member decides to further jeopardise a team game that has a high time investment because they were being childish. The game was fairly even at this point at 10-10. Sadly this put me on full tilt as my anger got the better of me. My focus on the team game and winning was completely shot because I let a moron annoy me.

I fully expect a cool down if not an outright ban for the blatant griefing of said moron that I engaged in. Hell I even deserve it.

As a friend pointed out, when the fun stops….STOP. CS is a great fun team game even if you are losing, like all things it has bad elements but you shouldn’t let them ruin your fun.

The takeaway here is, don’t let your anger win as it will likely do more harm that good. CS:GO or otherwise


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