Star Wars and I

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have noticed that Star Wars is now back in full swing and Episode 8 is now winding down at the cinema. The fuss has died down sufficiently that I feel I can discuss something a bit more personal about it without denting the collective excitement.

I actually wanted to discuss what Star Wars is to me. I am not old enough for the original releases of IV thru to VI, I do remember however them being shown at the cinema on re-release and sharing this experience with my dad. The old man isn’t a fanatical follower of Star Wars but loves the films and has various books and a couple of lightsabers….actually I take it back, that’s fairly into Star Wars! To young me, Star Wars was amazing and something that I enjoyed with my dad, the universe, the stories and the cool glowing swords! Although I didn’t quite appreciate the whole universe aspect until I was a little bit older, Star Wars and it’s storytelling has had an effect on my appreciation of a good story.

The fandom appeals to many people, my generation were introduced to it by our parents and by the prequels (shhh Phantom menace, let it lie), those people who like myself have been influenced by Star Wars are now making more Star Wars for the next generation. I admit I haven’t really seen much of the ‘Cartoons’, although I love the Lego ‘Padawan menace’,  I can see that my nephew is becoming involved in the Star Wars universe as well and so the cycle is likely to continue.  A few years back we went to the National Space centre for a Star Wars Event and was amazed at the many different people that all love this universe, the love was especially noticeable by the effort some cosplayers put into their costumes. For those interested, I wrote about it here previously.

We wanted to go see Episode 8 just before Christmas when it came out but between various illnesses and scheduling issues we never got round to it until the first week of February. It’s somewhat special to me as I’ve watched every Star Wars movie at the cinema with my dad. He took us to see the re-releases of the originals and the prequels.  I think it’s only right that when each new one comes around, including Rogue one, that I drag him to the cinema to continue the tradition. I know it might seem a little bit daft but it’s something that we have together and it’s nice to see that Star Wars is bridging that generational gap quite nicely. It also amuses me that the old man appears to be doing a great Luke Skywalker impersonation….

I’ve seen a bit of dissent online about various aspects on the new film and in my opinion it’s going to be unavoidable with such a passionate and involved fanbase, but I just wanted to add that although it isn’t perfect, for me it is something that I can enjoy being a part of. So Star Wars for me makes me thankful that my Dad could share something with me that he enjoys and for that it will always be special.

Thanks Pops!



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