The Lost Mines – Sessions 1-3

So, we started playing D&D 5e a couple of weeks…I mean months, back and I tend to keep a note of the events to refresh the group since we play every 2 weeks due to time constraints.

Below are the (slightly tidied up) notes I used when doing catch up at the start of each session, so there’s likely so past and present tense shenanigans in the wording… Be warned, that there will be spoilers if you play the “Lost mines of Phandelver” campaign.

Here are the first 3 sessions, I’ll tidy up Session 4’s notes when I finish my prep for Satuday’s session 5!

Session 1:

George, Milo, Riswynn and Roland – You have been hired by Gundren Rockseeker to escort his provisions to Barthen’s provisions in the town of Phandalin while he travelled ahead of you with Sildar Hallwinter to take “care of business”. The journey was uneventful until you came across the ambushed dead horses of what you determined to be that of Gundren and Sildar.

Your investigation of the scene came to an abrupt end as you were ambushed by Goblins which you quickly dispatched. The goblin told you that their group, lead by Klarg the Bugbear, was instructed by King Grol to look out for the “dwarf” travelling towards Phandalin. They tell you that Gundren was taken away to Castle Cragmaw which the goblin could confirm was “somewhere” north of the town of Phandalin”

Sildar was taken by the goblins to do with as they please back to their hideout at Cragmaw Cave.

You followed the Goblins trail(despite a few traps) and eventually ended up at Cragmaw cave, home of Klarg and his Goblins. You successfully calmed the wolves guarding the entrance and silently dealt with the sentry on the bridge, successfully avoiding alerting the group in the next room.

You avoided following the bridge and instead attacked the unaware goblins in the nextroom. During the fight, one of the Goblins escaped and informed Klarg that you were coming

After a prolonged battle, Klarg is unconscious and his wolf and 2 goblins companions are slain.

However, Milo lays stable but unconscious. As you finish stabilising him and before you can search the room and plan your next move, you see a single goblin standing in the doorway with its hands raised as it utters to you in guttural common tongue…

Session 2:

The goblin was offering an exchange from his boss, Yarrbik (goblin) had Sildar HallWinter as a hostage and wished to exchange for Sildar. You discover that Klarg had been in charge and had bullied the goblins into doing his bidding. Yarrbik also told you to leave the goods in Klarg’s quarters in the Cave, you refused but as part of the the exchange you suggested a “Trial by combat” for the goods. You won this Trial and eventually discovered  the goods belonged to the Lionshield Coaster in Phandalin.

Yarblik confirmed that Gundren had been taken to Cragmaw Castle and all he knows is that it’s somewhere north of Phandalin. Klarg either didn’t know or wouldn’t reveal and only mentioned that his instructions came from the “black spider” to capture Gundren and his map. You got the impression that he was terrified on the “Black Spider” and wouldn’t reveal any further information

Your journey to Phanalin was uneventful, and you successfully delivered the provisions to “Barthen provision” as originally hired to do so by Gundren Rockseeker. Sildar also paid you for his safe return to Phandalin and suggested finding his fellow Lords alliance member Iarno Albrek in Phandalin might help in finding Gundren.

On arrival into the town you find that Iarno never arrived,and  after discussions with the inhabitants, you discovered all was not well and a gang had been using the town as a base of operations. The Redbrands had been causing trouble and Milo revealed he had once been part of the group but was framed after objecting to some of the more heinous acts when the Redbrands graduated from petty theft.

You learned from Halia Thornton that the Redbrands were working out of the old Tressander Manor, she wanted you to kill the redbrand leader Glassstaff and bring any documents to her. You sense that Halia Thornton wasn’t giving you all the information and you suspect she has an ulterior motive.  You decided to investigate in the morning. However on your way back to the Inn you were waylaid by a group of Redbrands who told you to leave and leave your belongings with them. A fight ensued and you emerged victorious.

The townmaster Harbin warned you stay away from redbrands, seemingly more out of fear of retribution rather any actual involvement however you decided not to fully trust the townmaster in future.

You hatch your plan to sneak into the manor but find only a cellar intact and some sleeping redbrands. Sildar accompanies you but hangs back. One of them tells you that their leader Glassstaff is in the Northwest corner of the Cellar but is protected by an “eye monster” in a crevice in the middle of the cellar. He also mentions they have prisoners in the cells to the north protected by Skeletons from the Crypt next door.

Session 3: You began in the cellar of Tresendar Manor delving further in, Roland fell foul of a pit trap. After escaping the Pit, you found yourselves in the crypt where as the Redbrand had told you, the skeleton guards will not attack anyone wearing a Red Cloak or aware of the Magic Word “illefarn”

Next to the Crypt was a makeshift jail where you rescued Mirna Dendrar and her 2 children Nars and Nilsa who were taken Prisoner after the Redbrands murdered her husband. Contrary to what you were told by the Redbrand prisoner earlier, the murder was coldblooded rather than in response to any gambling debt. Mirna tells you off a family heirloom in the old town abandoned Town of Thundertree that if you can reach you can gladly have. George mentions he came from the town but heard that it’s now home to a dragon. You gave them your cloaks so they can get to town in case of other Redbrands.

You find a secret passage that leads you a large room with a crevasse and 2 bridges. You encounter a “Nothic”, a slightly insane creature that the Redbrand leader “Glassstaff” keeps here with the help of his boss the as of yet unknown “Black Spider”.

After striking a deal with the Nothic to provide him with fresh meat from your previously slain Redbrands, you learn that “glassstaff” is actually the missing Lord’s Alliance Wizard Iarno that Sildar Hallwinter was looking for. The Nothic agrees to let you past on the proviso that you kill Glassstaff so he can go home. “No dead Glassstaff, no come back”

You confront Sildar above Iarno’s involvement and you were happy that Sildar is only just learning of this involvement. Sildar heads back to town to secure the town in case this is a trap and plans to remove Townmaster “Harbin” from office in case he is also involved.

You returned to the crevasse with the “Nothic” chuckling away to itself down in the recess. You stand at the foot of the northern bridge. If the “Nothic” is to be believed, there are bugbears to the southern end of the cellar with Glass Staff making his home in the NorthWest.


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