The Lost Mines – Session 4

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We re-join the adventure in the Crevasse under Tressander Manor, listening to the Nothic gibbering insanely to itself. After checking the bridges over the crevasse you determine that the northern bridge is safe to cross while the southern one looks rigged to fail.

The party decided to head to the south west corner of the manor and deal with the bugbears first to head off any reinforcements when you reach Glassstaff/Iarno. You find 3 bugbears and a terrified looking Goblin in what you assumed was the barracks for the bugbears. The goblin collapses on the floor at the sight of you and the bugbears keep shouting at it to get up and fight. As it becomes clear that you are going to win the fight, the goblin looks at you expectedly and attacks the bugbears.

Once the fight is over, the goblin speaks to you in broken “common” and you learn the bugbears kept the Goblin around to bully, the goblin says they called him  “Droop” due to his nature to fall asleep when scared. You offered to let the Goblin come with you and soon included him in your next plans.

Droop informed you that to the north of the bugbear barracks is a common room used by the Redbrands. Droop dislikes the Redbrands almost as much as he disliked the bugbears and agrees to your plan to run into the common room and trick the Redbrands into following him into an ambush.

Not only did the Redbrands fall for your ambush but all 4 of them in the common room were heavily drunk and you cut through them with ease.

As you make you way to the northern end of the cellar you came across what appears to be an alchemy lab and a rat sat on the table. Roland fed the rat and the rat appears to be quite taken with him and sat on his shoulder.

As you approach the door to what you assume is Iarno’s Study, the rat suddenly bites Roland’s neck as you realise the Rat must be Iarno’s familiar. As you burst into the Study, you find that Iarno is nowhere to be found but notice a hidden door slightly ajar that leads back to the crevasse.

In the distance you see Iarno running but your path is blocked by the Nothic, despite agreeing you had a deal, the nothic reminds you the deal was “No dead Glassstaff, no come back” and now that Glassstaff knows the Nothic didn’t stop you, he’s got to eat you to make up for it.

After a close battle, and your new found friend Droop critically injured, you defeat the nothic. With Iarno long gone,you head back to his office where instructions from “The Black Spider” are found.

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