The Lost Mines – Session 10/11 – The Finale

The Lost Mines – Session 10/11 – The Finale

The continuing adventures of the murderhobo group, Droop Troop.

Droop drawing by Roland

 Sessions 8-9 can be viewed here

Possible spoilers for the Starter Kit….but we’ve gone Waaaaaayy off book at this point..

Session 10 – Escape from Tressandor Manor

Our intrepid adventurers suffered a crushing defeat in our last session, after knocking out Nezznar, the Black Spider, they didn’t account for his reinforcements in the next room and unfortunately bit off more than they could chew. The party find themselves in familiar surroundings, sadly for them these surroundings are the makeshift cells under Tressandor Manor where they had earlier rescued Mirna Dendar and her children. It seems that the Redbrands have moved back in and they’ve got a number of Hobgoblins with them.

With the group coming to, a tall wiry man enters the room holding a long staff with a Glass Ball on top.

“Welcome my friends, I hope your accommodations are satisfactory” With a smirk, the man introduces himself as Iarno Albrek, aka Glass Staff who had escaped them earlier in the adventure.

“You see, you’ve caused me a bit of a problem, I try to be nice about these things but you made me look foolish in front of the Black Spider and now in order to redeem myself in his eyes, I need to know how much you actually know about this whole mess. But I’m still a courteous man, and I will let you choose who will be the first person I… with”

Roland steps forward knowing full well this means torture….

….after a number of hours Roland is returned near exhaustion with the party being told that “talks will continue” tomorrow.

Milo in this time had secreted a single lockpick from his person and was stealthily attempting to pick the lock on his and Droops Cell, while Ryswynn and Roland attempted to distract the single guard. As Milo neared the end of his attempt, another redbrand enters the room holding another prisoner. The redbrands had also captured Sildar Hallwinter! The second redbrand threw Sildar to the floor whilethe original guard crouched down and went to get into Sildar’s face. Seeing a knife in the second Redbrands hand, they assumed this was going to end poorly for Sildar but in a single deft move, the second Redbrand grabbed the first and slit his throat. Pulling back the facemask, George Everdeen reveals himself and grins “See what happens when I leave you all to your own devices?” Sildar and George elaborate on their plan for breaking out the party but clearly see it wasn’t quite needed.

Milo informs Sildar that Iarno is in the manor, whose eyes suddenly darken at the news.

“Then we need to confront him, I’d like to take him alive but if it comes to it, then his sentence is death for his crimes. Your gear is in the storageroom to the north of here, I’d ask that you join me in putting an end to Iarno’s threat, one way or another.”

Using their knowledge of the layout of the manor, our party deftly despatched any guards with ease and split up, aiming to trick Iarno into using his secret exit and trapping him between the two groups. Despite his love of Rats, Roland didn’t fall for the same trick by the familiar this time and killed it instantly alerting Iarno to their escape. As predicated, he attempted to run via his secret exit but ran directly into the group hiding there. The party attempted to grapple Iarno after he charmed Roland but failed as he cast Misty Step to escape, it wasn’t enough however as Iarno was eventually knocked out. Our adventurers leave the Manor and return to town, with Iarno as a prisoner in tow. The remaining Red brands vanish into the woods.

Session 11 – The battle of Phandalin

With Iarno safely stowed in the town hall but remaining tight lipped our party took the opportunity for some rest at the Inn. Sildar  sends word for them to all meet at the Inn the next morning to discuss what’s next for the party and the town as word has travelled that the Black Spider has raised a goblinoid host and is marching in this direction. Reinforcements from the Lords alliance were on their way to meet the host but Sildar is unsure where they are and if they will reach the town in time.

The following morning our heroes convene in the Inn only to be Interupted by sound of the urgent horn blasts. To the east they spot a single wounded scout with an arrow protruding from her shoulder emerging from the woods being followed close behind by 4 hobgoblins. Rushing to her aid the party quickly despatch the creatures as the scout collapses from exhaustion.

The scout shares with the group that the main bulk of the spiders forces had been engaged by the Lords alliance host to the east, however a group including what appeared to be the Black Spider has split off after receiving messengers “in red”. Redbrands that had escaped have warned the Black spider of their escape, whether he comes to silence the party or Iarno is unknown but either way, he comes to Phandalin.

A choice is made to evacuate the villagers while Sildar,the scout and sister Graele stand alongside the party to delay whatever comes through to give the villagers chance to leave. With news that the host is to the east, the group spend the day building barricades with whatever they can to funnel the incoming invaders into the village centre.

As nightfall approaches, the first wave of hobgoblins emerge from eastern woods. The plan to funnel them appears to work as Sildar and Roland hold the barricade while Ryswyn, Droop and Milo harass the hobgoblins in the funnel. More and more hobgoblins continue to poor for  the woods as the dead hobgoblins continue to mount at the barricade. Finally on the hillside by the manor Nezznar the Black Spider can be seen watching the carnage below, seemingly disinterested.

From the north Milo notices Hobgoblins, sneaking in behind their line. With their flank unprotected the party are about to split to cover the north as well when a horn blast is heard. A group of lords alliance soldiers have chased down the hobgoblins from the north and a melee ensues buying our party time. How long they can hold is still in the balance…

Droop realised that in his hubris, the Black Spider hasn’t realised he is within the range of Droops longbow. Catching the Black Spider squarely in the shoulder, the Black Spider pulls back and stops what appeared to be an incantation.

As the hobgoblins began to slow, and victory seemingly within grasp, the Black Spider himself begins to advance flanked by his giant spiders. The spider however was not alone, with a roar and a flap of wings overhead, the Dragon venomfang lands behind our heroes barricade.

“The balance of power has changes in this region, morsels. I will have Thundertree as my lair and will have revenge for you taking it from me”

Letting the Dragon escape had been a grave mistake.

As the Dragon breathes it’s poison breath crippling Sildar, Roland using the boots of leaping, courageously and foolishly  leapt onto Venomfangs back.The distraction was enough for the party to split up and keep Venomfang from targeting them efficiently. Sister Graele managed to pull Sildar to safety but the fight was now purely with the party. Each time Roland was dislodged, he leapt back up and continued to hack away at the dragons neck.

During this time Riswynn and Droop engaged the Black spider who unfortunately charmed Droop. Forcing droop to attack his friends, Droop, managed to keep enough control to deliberately miss the shot.

Milo used the distraction to sneak around Venomfang, and launch an arrow directly into it’s eye. The action reared Venomfang onto his hind legs throwing Roland violently to the floor. As Venomfang came back down jaws open about to bite down on the prone Roland. At the last minute, Roland grabbed his sword and thrusts it into the roof of Venomfangs mouth through to his brain. With a shudder the Dragon falls to the side, dead.

Droop manages to shake the Black spiders control and despatched the last of the giant spiders. Seeing the Dragon fall almost simultaneously, Nezznar attemps to flee the scene. Giving chase and grabbing a javelin from a fallen hobgoblin, Roland makes a desperate throw which catches Nezznar in the back straight through the chest. The black spider falls face first into the dirt as last sounds of the battle subside.


-Ryswyn travels with the party and reclaims the remains of her cousins  Thurden and Nundro. They are buried in Thundertree

– The town of Thundertree is rebuilt and prospers under the protection of our party, the tower where Venomfang used to reside becomes a central point for the region as the party’s base.

That makes the end of this campaign.thanks to everyone involved. 

Join us again for our next adventure in Waterdeep


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