I have a little bit of a bugbear at the moment and as the title suggests it’s around that little thing called respect.

Let’s get the first bit straight, I dont do things for a pat on the head or a well done.In truth those things make me uncomfortable, however when I give up my time to provide an experience or service to you, I expect that you don’t then shit on me or my work/decisions.

Secondly, I’m a great believer of putting your money where your mouth is. Think you can improve something I’ve done or doing then speak up and get involved. Don’t just sit there telling me something is bad, put up or shut up. Give me solutions, not problems. If your effort wasnt quite reaching what you need then I’d rather help you achieve it rather than mocking your effort. We get through by building up each other not knocking each other down.

The real problem is that the type of people I refer to are actually of low self esteem themselves and feel the only way to better themselves is to belittle others to make themselves try and look good. People forget that we have all needed that helping hand at some point and I’m usually one of the first to offer, at times to my own detriment.

Here is MY problem, many mistake this kindness for weakness. It’s not a weakness to try and help others. The weakness is trying to knock down others for your own benefit. Taking advantage of that kindness is absolutely disrespectful and says more about a person’s character than they realise.

So where does it leave me with this annoyance? I’ve decided that as a kindness, even though its confrontational, that I’m not going to tolerate this kind of behaviour anymore. Change through education.

I think this satisfies fair warning.

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