Combo Breaker

I’ll start with the proviso that I’ve been pretty goddamn rough this weekend. I had so much planned/to do but my body had other ideas.

We’ve been helping our support bubble mother in law move house and so we had more furniture to build alongside general moving activities. Since I was running D&D on the Saturday we decided to try and get a chunk done on Friday evening after work.

The furniture build took alot longer than expected and we didn’t even finish. Lets just say I’m never going to begrudge ikea their fancy instruction booklets again after experiencing the 1 page “it looks like this” instructions we battled on Friday.

This is important as I think Friday was the straw the broke the camels back. We got home around 10.15 in the evening and I absolutely opted for a bath. Everything was dandy until I sat up at which point the room decided to go for a spin.

It wasn’t fully unexpected as I’d felt knackered for a few days so I aimed to sleep it off. Have you ever tried to get to sleep while the room is spinning? Its not great, not to mention trying to walk in a straight line.

I woke up on Saturday feeling more normal. I sat up and promptly fell back down. I fight my way up and try to refresh my head on my D&D prep at which point my head seems to refuse to stay upright.

By trying to carry on and do everything, I’ve ended up doing nothing. There was no way I’d be able to run 4 hours of D&D and do the prep refresh before hand. I should have listened to my body earlier in the week and treated it a bit better with better sleep, better food and actually not keeping myself coiled like a goddamn spring. I’ve ended up sleeping most of it off but it feels like the aftermath of a particularly nasty migraine. I look forward to the next few days of static fuzziness.

It’s weird to think I’ve been working from home for nearly a year now and it shows no sign of changing. So much for a 2 week work from home trial……but this weekend has shown me that I’ve become a little complacent with the self care. January was so good, I was back to being in decent schedule, exercise was actually being enjoyed. But I think I pushed a little too hard because I was in lockdown and ended up slipping off the wagon, which then became a pattern. This weekend is my combo breaker. Stop stressing about getting it all done now. I’m only human.

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