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  • Stellaris – Recent AI Upgrade and the War in Heaven

    Stellaris – Recent AI Upgrade and the War in Heaven

    Paradox recently updated the AI in Stellaris and it’s definately got more interesting! Usually I can roll over most empires by mid to late game, but this time I was definately having to pick my battles and not overextend my self. I opted for a 1000 star system playthrough and hoped I’d be able to […]

  • Tyrannous Stars

    Tyrannous Stars

    Does one ever truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of Fate, and thus defy the tyrannous stars. Kain, legacy of Kain The above quote always pops up on my timeline at this time of year. It stems from the period where we were going through our second, and […]

  • Sea of Thieves vs Steering

    Sea of Thieves vs Steering

    We’ve not played Sea of Thieves for a while but I had forgotten how much this clip made me laugh. It seems steering isn’t as responsive as Monk would have liked!

  • Combo Breaker

    Combo Breaker

    I’ll start with the proviso that I’ve been pretty goddamn rough this weekend. I had so much planned/to do but my body had other ideas. We’ve been helping our support bubble mother in law move house and so we had more furniture to build alongside general moving activities. Since I was running D&D on the […]

  • Anger


    Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. -Aristotle I came across the above quote earlier […]

  • Respect


    I have a little bit of a bugbear at the moment and as the title suggests it’s around that little thing called respect. Let’s get the first bit straight, I dont do things for a pat on the head or a well done.In truth those things make me uncomfortable, however when I give up my […]

  • Defining Success

    Defining Success

    Hey team, this ones gonna be a bit of a ramble so just bear with me… I’ve had a number of thoughts rattling around my head regarding the word ‘success’ How do we define success? Against what should we measure our successes? How do people react to others successes? My first realisation is that actually […]

  • The Kobayashi Maru

    The Kobayashi Maru

    For non Star Trek fans the title of this post has likely raised a WTF? reaction. The Kobayashi Maru is a training simulation which cannot be won. It is designed to test how a person reacts in the face of such adversity. In Star Trek canon James Kirk “cheats” by reprogramming the test refusing to accept […]

  • D&D 5e – Starter Kit Retrospective

    D&D 5e – Starter Kit Retrospective

    *Channels inner Treguard from Knightmare* ENTER STRANGER… Seriously, if you’ve never seen an episode of the old ITV show Knightmare, go educate yourself, you’ll thank me later. Go on, Now…I’ll wait.

  • The Lost Mines – Session 10/11 – The Finale

    The Lost Mines – Session 10/11 – The Finale

    The continuing adventures of the murderhobo group, Droop Troop. Droop drawing by Roland  Sessions 8-9 can be viewed here Possible spoilers for the Starter Kit….but we’ve gone Waaaaaayy off book at this point.. Session 10 – Escape from Tressandor Manor Our intrepid adventurers suffered a crushing defeat in our last session, after knocking out Nezznar, […]