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  • “Type Amen” Bullshit on Facebook

    Firstly, fair warning that the below post may be slightly ranty(is that even a word?) and will definitely include content that will upset. Still here? I was perusing Facebook the other day and I occasionally get those ridiculous “Like for a prayer or say Amen” kind of posts.I don’t follow them but they occasionally appear […]

  • Re-Play Borderlands: Catch-a-Ride Shenanigans

    Re-Play Borderlands: Catch-a-Ride Shenanigans

    After getting Braindead addicted to Borderlands 2 (sorry Mrs Braindead),  We felt he should play the original so we are doing a play through of Borderlands 1 every Sunday morning. About 6 levels in however the Catch-a-ride wouldn’t let us carry on….

  • His and Her’s: The Miscarriage Survival Guide

    His and Her’s: The Miscarriage Survival Guide

    Being the anniversary of possibly the largest event to affect our lives, we’ve separately reflected on what it means and how it has affected us. 

  • Re-Play: Borderlands

    Borderlands was originally released in 2009. It seems I was under the mistaken impression that I had actually completed it, that I suppose is the danger of playing it originally with 3 others who all reinforced this theory.

  • National Space Centre:Return of the Garrison

    National Space Centre:Return of the Garrison

    The 501st UK Garison invaded the National Space centre last weekend for their “Return of the Garrison” event. Being their 10th Year at the National Space Centre the event has become a staple in the UKG Calender! I’ve never been to the Space centre despite living about 30 minutes away, and I’m horrified to admit […]

  • Writing Prompt – You have been given the option to reroll your timeline, at the expense of discarding your current one

    Writing Prompt – You have been given the option to reroll your timeline, at the expense of discarding your current one

    “Will I remember any of this life?” The demon ,Xarek ,sat opposite me grinned. He looked remarkably human apart from when he smiled, his teeth ending in points. “Sort of, you won’t remember any specifics. Have you ever heard people mention déjà vu? Those people have reset their lives at some point and it’s likely […]

  • A Princely outing – BAAAAAABYLON!

    Previous Princely outing posts covered my early adventures playing on Prince difficulty. Thankfully I’ve got a bit better since then and rather than being ground into tiny pieces by mid-game I occasionally win….Occasionally You join our tale in the year 1886AD,for the past 100 years, Catholic Spain has pushed her technological advantage over her smaller […]

  • Tips on living with your Gamer.

    So Mrs.G has been bitten by the writing bug and wanted to share the following wisdom, didn’t want her own user thou…. I often get asked how I cope with living with someone who plays games as much as my husband does, and to be honest, I never quite know how to respond, as the […]

  • Mrs G’s Em-Con….

    So, apparently, my name is now Mrs G. Following on from Jon’s Em-Con review, I thought I would offer my thoughts. I should start by saying that it took ALOT of convincing to get him to even go. He doesn’t forgive easily, so he was still scared by last years experience. To say that last […]

  • EM-Con 2015

    I’m going to be honest and say that I approached this years Em-Con with a large amount of trepidation. Last year we were one of the lucky ones, Early bird tickets, and fairly comfortable Q&A seats. There were however many people who were left with quite frankly an awful experience. To say I wasn’t entirely […]