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  • Expectations and limitations

    Expectations and limitations

    Whenever my nephew comes to visit, we normally sit down together and play some Minecraft. Personally I’m not ashamed to admit that this game is hours of fun but it does have one requirement. Imagination I would like to think that I still have a fairly decent imagination but I was shown that actually all […]

  • Being (Old) Schooled….

    There has been a rather uncomfortable trend in my recent gaming habits of having my ass handed to me by OLDER games. Have I lost any previous gaming skills upon hitting 30? Has the fear that I’ve turned into my father when he attempts to play games come true? Have my playing habits of nibbling […]

  • “Welt has died of Starvation”

    “Welt has died of Starvation”

    “Welt has died of starvation” A pang of guilt hits me along with the realisation that this was not only my fault, but this was only the start of my villagers misery. I’d looked too far ahead, my lofty ambition of a sprawling village was now the cause of my wards dying from starvation. I […]

  • Secure Browsing from your mobile at Hotspots

    Like many of you, my phone/tablet/owner of your life, is great for surfing the web. I get bundled hotspot access with my Home Broadband connection so most places I go either have one of these hotspots or other free wifi. FREE WIFI!?!? I hear you cry! Everyone loves a bit of free internet, however even […]

  • Game-ification Fail

    I’ll be honest and say it’s a good news/Bad News Post. The bad news, I can’t get along with Habit RPG, having to log items as I do them is irritating. This is nothing on Habit RPG but more on my mind set and tiny attention span 🙂 The good news I don’t need it. […]

  • Game-ification and fitness.

    Today’s entry is brought to you by the Brutal Honesty of a four Year old. “You are funny but you do need more exercise” I’m not even sure this is exactly what was meant but the thought is the same. It’s time to get rid of that weight I’ve put on due to contentment! I […]

  • Musing: Gaming together

    Cooperative gaming has always been a staple of my gaming diet. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy fragging random strangers but generally this is done with people I know in real Life. You may call it snobbery but I will rarely play cooperative in what is called a PUG or Pickup Group. My reasons? […]

  • Violence in Video Games Vs Parenting

    UPDATE: Seems it’s a parody account but sadly alot of the reactions are real.. I don’t know what I am doing going near such a damned toxic subject but here goes… I recently came across the twitter account ” for Moms Against Gaming” and I was actually shocked at the content. Not just from the […]

  • The Gamer Diet

    They say that you put on weight while content, I would reply that this is partially true. A few years ago, I lost most of my chunk and was just above my “expected” weight (don’t get me started on that). The catalyst for this thou was that I was very unhappy. My life with the […]

  • Twitch Streams and Minecraft

    Some of the more observant of you may have noticed a couple of new items left lazily around the Front Page. Firstly, you can now see the Status of the Tekkit/Minecraft server. It is currently running Tekkit 129e. You are welcome to join, make free use of the machines in the workshop as well as […]