Author: geeklish

  • A Princely Outing – Part 1 – Kiss My Assyria

    A Princely outing is covering my early adventures playing Civilization 5:Brave new World at Prince difficulty. I underestimated the rage…. I’ve lost many hours to Civ 5, It’s turn based gameplay is perfect for me as I will stop and start during an evening. Stomping the computer can be fun but I felt it’s time […]

  • A Slice of Pi – Part 1

    In case you missed it the start of this little adventure began here. The Raspbmc server is no more, but mourn not its loss, for from its ashes rise a leaner more breakable beast! We start with the Model B Raspberry Pi, with its fantastic 512MB memory. I am also using a 4GB SDHC card […]

  • Retro Review:Baldur’s Gate

    When I first heard of the release of an enhanced edition of Baldur’s gate I couldn’t help myself installing the original. This isn’t going to be a comparison of the original and the enhanced edition but instead a tale of love and hate for the original game. Firstly there was a small amount of cheating […]

  • The Start of the Raspberry Pi Adventure

    Santa bought me an awesome little creature for Christmas, known as the Raspberry Pi. This little beauty is a credit card sized ARM based Computer with many applications. It has spent the last few weeks with Raspbmc installed on it. Sadly predicted by my better half, I never use it as the media centre it […]

  • Happy 25th Birthday Knightmare

    Knightmare is 25 today! For those that do not remember Knightmare was a show produced for ITV way back in the 80s that took a team of 4 children through a computer generated dungeon guided by the awesome Hugo Myatt. One member of the team was the Dungeoneer with their 3 friends guiding them through […]

  • Who ya gonna call….

    Ah, the 80s, such a great time. But what happens when you combine 80s technology and popular culture……uh oh.