The Lost Mines – Session 10/11 – The Finale

The continuing adventures of the murderhobo group, Droop Troop. Droop drawing by Roland  Sessions 8-9 can be viewed here Possible spoilers for the Starter Kit….but we’ve gone Waaaaaayy off book at this point.. Session 10 – Escape from Tressandor Manor Our intrepid adventurers suffered a crushing defeat in our last session, after knocking out Nezznar, […]

The Lost Mines – Session 5-7

The continuing adventures of the murderhobo group, Droop Troop. Session 4 was here Spoilers for the starter kit ahead as our Party search for leads to Cragmaw Castle and the Kidnapped Rockseeker Brothers. We rejoin our party as they leave Tressander Manor after Iarno Albrek AKA Glasstaff escaped their grasp by delaying them with the […]

The Lost Mines – Session 4

(You can catch the last entry here) We re-join the adventure in the Crevasse under Tressander Manor, listening to the Nothic gibbering insanely to itself. After checking the bridges over the crevasse you determine that the northern bridge is safe to cross while the southern one looks rigged to fail. The party decided to head […]

The Lost Mines – Sessions 1-3

So, we started playing D&D 5e a couple of weeks…I mean months, back and I tend to keep a note of the events to refresh the group since we play every 2 weeks due to time constraints. Below are the (slightly tidied up) notes I used when doing catch up at the start of each […]