A Princely outing – BAAAAAABYLON!

Previous Princely outing posts covered my early adventures playing on Prince difficulty. Thankfully I’ve got a bit better since then and rather than being ground into tiny pieces by mid-game I occasionally win….Occasionally You join our tale in the year 1886AD,for the past 100 years, Catholic Spain has pushed her technological advantage over her smaller […]

A Princely Outing – Oops

Hello, my name is Jon and I am an idiot. GROUP:HI JON! Unfortunately I appear to have lost the save game that was a Princely outing. This was my own fault as I overwrote it on the steam cloud.I like to switch between my laptop and my PC and this has proven to be a […]

A Princely Outing – Part 2

We forward to 1400AD. The peace has lasted but at the cost of my Ally Wittenburg who I was helpless to defend. I stood by and watch Ash subjugate my ally quickly and without mercy. I add it to my list of reasons as to why I am going to deal with Assyria. By this […]

A Princely Outing – Part 1 – Kiss My Assyria

A Princely outing is covering my early adventures playing Civilization 5:Brave new World at Prince difficulty. I underestimated the rage…. I’ve lost many hours to Civ 5, It’s turn based gameplay is perfect for me as I will stop and start during an evening. Stomping the computer can be fun but I felt it’s time […]