Stellaris: Hahn-Mur Foundation Report Year 2419

Stellaris is a 4x Grand Strategy game where you control your own empire, all the way from the type of species, through to their ethics and policies. The year is 2419 and the Pacifist Hahn-Mur Monarchy find their rather comfortable galaxy about to be come very noisy. Greetings your Highness. I’ve prepared this report for […]

Responsibility and Critical Thinking

I’m going to start off with an apology. So here it is: Apologies that this one is going to be a little bit ranty. That’s it, the only apology you are going to get. So what’s got my goat? In plain and simple terms, People not taking responsibility for their actions. Here’s an example, I’m […]

Musing: Your Teammates might not be idiots after all….

We’ve all been there, you’re playing a multiplayer game and one of your team mates does something inexplicably stupid. During a game of CounterStrike:GO,which I realise isn’t the friendliest multiplayer game by a AWP long shot, I ended up butting heads with my Russian teammate who assumed I was some kind of idiot as I […]

In Defence of “Legend of the Seeker”

During a trip to Derby the other week, I finally picked up “The Omen Machine” and “The Third Kingdom” by Terry Goodkind from Waterstones. Billed as a Richard and Kahlan Novel they are a continuation of the Sword of Truth series. “Legend of the Seeker” is the short lived TV series based on these books

A word about the New Doom

Myself and the 2016 Doom didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts, the multiplayer beta I participated in before release dampened my enthusiasm for what I expected to be a glorious reboot of a game from 1993 that is still installed on my PC. The release date came and I decided against the purchase, but […]

Unleashing The Inner Geek.

I’ve always been pre-destined to become a bit of a Gaming Geek. Members of my family enjoyed Role-Playing games on a Sunday, and I’ve not infected the wife with an interest in board games. I have an interest in tinkering with electrical items, and thanks to the commodore 64 I had a very early fascination […]

“Type Amen” Bullshit on Facebook

Firstly, fair warning that the below post may be slightly ranty(is that even a word?) and will definitely include content that will upset. Still here? I was perusing Facebook the other day and I occasionally get those ridiculous “Like for a prayer or say Amen” kind of posts.I don’t follow them but they occasionally appear […]