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  • Re-Play: Borderlands

    Borderlands was originally released in 2009. It seems I was under the mistaken impression that I had actually completed it, that I suppose is the danger of playing it originally with 3 others who all reinforced this theory.

  • A Princely outing – BAAAAAABYLON!

    Previous Princely outing posts covered my early adventures playing on Prince difficulty. Thankfully I’ve got a bit better since then and rather than being ground into tiny pieces by mid-game I occasionally win….Occasionally You join our tale in the year 1886AD,for the past 100 years, Catholic Spain has pushed her technological advantage over her smaller […]

  • Being (Old) Schooled….

    There has been a rather uncomfortable trend in my recent gaming habits of having my ass handed to me by OLDER games. Have I lost any previous gaming skills upon hitting 30? Has the fear that I’ve turned into my father when he attempts to play games come true? Have my playing habits of nibbling […]

  • “Welt has died of Starvation”

    “Welt has died of Starvation”

    “Welt has died of starvation” A pang of guilt hits me along with the realisation that this was not only my fault, but this was only the start of my villagers misery. I’d looked too far ahead, my lofty ambition of a sprawling village was now the cause of my wards dying from starvation. I […]

  • Musing: Gaming together

    Cooperative gaming has always been a staple of my gaming diet. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy fragging random strangers but generally this is done with people I know in real Life. You may call it snobbery but I will rarely play cooperative in what is called a PUG or Pickup Group. My reasons? […]