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  • Stellaris – Recent AI Upgrade and the War in Heaven

    Stellaris – Recent AI Upgrade and the War in Heaven

    Paradox recently updated the AI in Stellaris and it’s definately got more interesting! Usually I can roll over most empires by mid to late game, but this time I was definately having to pick my battles and not overextend my self. I opted for a 1000 star system playthrough and hoped I’d be able to […]

  • Tyrannous Stars

    Tyrannous Stars

    Does one ever truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of Fate, and thus defy the tyrannous stars. Kain, legacy of Kain The above quote always pops up on my timeline at this time of year. It stems from the period where we were going through our second, and […]

  • Sea of Thieves vs Steering

    Sea of Thieves vs Steering

    We’ve not played Sea of Thieves for a while but I had forgotten how much this clip made me laugh. It seems steering isn’t as responsive as Monk would have liked!

  • Combo Breaker

    Combo Breaker

    I’ll start with the proviso that I’ve been pretty goddamn rough this weekend. I had so much planned/to do but my body had other ideas. We’ve been helping our support bubble mother in law move house and so we had more furniture to build alongside general moving activities. Since I was running D&D on the […]

  • The Laws of Work

    The Laws of Work

    With my recent job changes, I thought it poignant to actually finish this post. I wanted to share some guidelines that I’ve realised I tend to live my working life by. It’s true we are formed by those around us and I’ve picked up many of these tips from my bosses and coworkers over the […]

  • Unpopular Opinion:ChildLess vs ChildFree: Framing your mindset

    Unpopular Opinion:ChildLess vs ChildFree: Framing your mindset

    The following post will probably ruffle a few feathers but consider this your only warning…I need to get this off my chest.

  • Responsibility and Critical Thinking

    I’m going to start off with an apology. So here it is: Apologies that this one is going to be a little bit ranty. That’s it, the only apology you are going to get. So what’s got my goat? In plain and simple terms, People not taking responsibility for their actions. Here’s an example, I’m […]

  • Musing: Your Teammates might not be idiots after all….

    We’ve all been there, you’re playing a multiplayer game and one of your team mates does something inexplicably stupid. During a game of CounterStrike:GO,which I realise isn’t the friendliest multiplayer game by a AWP long shot, I ended up butting heads with my Russian teammate who assumed I was some kind of idiot as I […]

  • GTA V Online Shenanigans

    Just a random selection of stupidity that happens on a fairly regular basis….professional we are not!

  • Star Trek TNG S08E20 – That episode where everyone ignores the murder of all life on Indri 8.

    Thanks to Netflix ,putting all of Star Trek up, I’ve picked up re-watching The Next Generation where I last stopped at the end of Season 5. In season 6 Episode 20 , “The Chase” revolves around the crew trying to solve a puzzle hidden in the DNA in numerous species across the galaxy. So far, so Star Trek. […]