One More Day – A Minecraft Adventure – Day One

One more day is a Minecraft diary using ChaosVille. The writer wishes to remain anonymous, in my opinion to HIDE their addiction….Read their diary below as they attempt to survive in Hardcore Mode, with only one shot at life. Death is permanent.


I woke up this morning in a strange land with nothing but a book in my hand, surrounded by trees and
completely alone. I began wandering the land in search of life, but was unsuccessful. As the day has drawn to an end I am resigned to the fact I must start thinking about my survival, or I will not live.

I found a nice clearing at the bottom of a volcano, this will give me good protection and even a source of light. I have no torches at the moment, but at least I am safe. I quickly built a small house with wood from a tree I spent all afternoon felling. It’s not much, but its home.

As I write this now I hear many strange noises, I dare not look outside, just in case. I have basic tools – wooden ones, but tomorrow I will upgrade for better protection.

The positive is that there are plenty of sheep around here, so I should have a bed in a few days. I have yet to come across any hostile creatures, but I know they are lurking, I hear hissing as I write, and dread what I will be faced with when I open the door tomorrow…

Humble Beginnings
Humble Beginnings

Day Two is coming tomorrow…

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