Unleashing The Inner Geek.

I’ve always been pre-destined to become a bit of a Gaming Geek. Members of my family enjoyed Role-Playing games on a Sunday, and I’ve not infected the wife with an interest in board games. I have an interest in tinkering with electrical items, and thanks to the commodore 64 I had a very early fascination with computers.

So as a Geek Archetype, I’d say I fall under Computer Geek. In my opinion anyone with a passion for something can be considered a geek, comic book geeks, car geeks, film geeks, even you football fans who can quote stats and remember who won what and when….You lot are certainly geeks as well. On the back of this, I have never understood why people are mocked for something that they are passionate about.

Something Mrs.G said the other day got me thinking. (Occasionally she has these awesome insights )

When we first met, she wasn’t at all what I would consider “geeky”. In fact, as a grade A ‘Computer Geek’ I happily considered this woman out of my league. But while she continued to agree to meet up for drinks I decided to make the most of it. Mrs G says that I make her feel she can “Geek out” over things that possibly others would have mocked her for and this was one reason why she kept coming back. She could say what she wanted, and be who she really is without fear of it being mocked. (Hence her now open obsession with all things Red Dwarf and Marvel)

This got me thinking and I realised that this comes from my own experiences. As a child, the things I enjoyed were NOT popular and were considered geeky before geeky was actually “cool” (I’ll get to this in a moment). I’d made myself unhappy on numerous occasions while growing up trying to be something that I wasn’t, so I quickly learned to just enjoy what I wanted to enjoy and if someone couldn’t accept that then they were the one missing out.

Whereas my ability with a computer while I was younger was at times a target for ridicule, it’s these same skills today that are utilised by those who may at one point have not understood it. Every family has a go to IT guy, generally this is now considered to be me. My fascination with computing has lead to skills that have essentially got me my day job as a SQL Analyst.

But nowadays, Geek is cool. My earliest recollection of acceptance towards gaming/computer geeks is 1997. I’m going to give this one to Sony for its PlayStation but part of me also wonders if those same people who looked down their nose, secretly yearned to take part in it, especially considering the size of the cultural shift that occurred. Much like Mrs.G, they were allowed to “enjoy” without as much of the stigma.

Geeks bought us Facebook, one of the most prolific tools of the current era for connecting people. Maybe this has something to do with it, as the world gets smaller, finding like-minded people makes it easier to share your passion in a safer environment.

Either way, I suppose once again I am leading back to Bill and Ted, Be Excellent to each other

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