A word about the New Doom

Myself and the 2016 Doom didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts, the multiplayer beta I participated in before release dampened my enthusiasm for what I expected to be a glorious reboot of a game from 1993 that is still installed on my PC. The release date came and I decided against the purchase, but the cries of my good friend “Rambo Rice Crispy” reminded that Doom is all about the single player.

Doom was initially released in 1993 and still played the world over by gaming enthusiasts, it even has a very active “modding” community and has been ported to various consoles over it’s life span so you can understand the excitement when the trailer hit at E3. Mrs C was most concerned at the grown man sat next to her giggling with joy watching the trailer, it was DOOM!

I jumped at the chance to partake in the multiplayer beta but it nearly cost me my Doom experience. The multiplayer was awkward and just didn’t feel right. You had to level up to access various power ups and generally I could agree with the “Call of Doom” insults thrown at it, I left disappointed and feared that the feel of the multiplayer would reflect the quality of the singleplayer.

Mr RamboRiceCrispy, mentioned above, kept the faith and bought Doom and sang it’s praises and even went as far to point out that the multiplayer was outsourced to a different development studio. Thanks to a sale, I saw it for £20 and thought I’d take a punt.

I’m happy to admin that I was wrong, Doom is a fantastic experience. Everything I expected from a doom experience, speed of movement, fast pacing and of course gratuitous violence towards demons. A simple mechanic such as the new “Glory Kills” ties in with Doom so well. Essentially when an demon is near death, you can get in close and melee the opponent for a rather gruesome ending. Initially I expected this to be “gimmicky” but clearly the developer has put a lot of thought into the mechanic. Being stationary during a fight is dangerous in Doom, as is getting swarmed. The Glory kills force you to get in close, with the glory kill earning you ammo/health for the risk, while the actual animation doesn’t interrupt the flow with it’s fast yet brutal offering.

It’s been a while since a FPS has grabbed my attention so well, as my attention generally falls to RTS and RPG games as of late.

If you want a fast, sometimes brutal arena style shooter then Doom will keep you hooked. As a bonus throughout the game are hidden switches that unlock “level parts” from the original Doom, find these and then you can replay the full Original Doom level from the main menu. Beautiful and a nostalgia tickler, they certainly gauged the audience right on that!

So I apologise Doom for not believe in you….now come back here and say hello to my chainsaw…..

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